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Bernardston Unitarian Church

 "Oil & Water" ~ The third film in a trilogy of inspiring environmental films 

Where: at the Bernardston Unitarian Meetinghouse, sponsored by the Arts and Activism Program at Bernardston Unitarian Church. 

When: Saturday, May 2 , Screen time ~ 6:30pm
following our first Saturday with Steve Pot Luck at 5:30.

Suggested donation for the movie $5,
bring a dish to share for the Pot luck supper before the movie.
About the movie: Two boys come of age looking for solutions to the global problem of reckless oil drilling following years of oil contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Directed by Francine Strickwerda and Laurel Spellman Smith
Editor: Tracy Dethlefs Cinematography: Diana Wilmar, Laurel Spellman Smith Original
Score: Erik Aho
Animation: Drew Christie

"Great film...arresting...the most complete portrait of how societies might move beyond 'the oil curse.'"
Dr. Brian Black, Professor, History and Environmental Studies, Penn State Altoona

OIL & WATER is the coming of age story of two boys as they each confront one of the world's worst toxic disasters, the prolonged contamination of the Ecuadorian Amazon by Texaco and other oil companies. Hugo comes to America to fight for the survival of his tribe, the Cofán, while David goes to Ecuador to launch the world's first company to certify oil as "fair trade." Can Hugo become the leader his tribe so desperately wants him to be? Will David clean up one of the world's dirtiest industries?

This film is an intimate portrait of two young people finding their voices and trying to beat incredible odds. Their journeys lead them to explore what could be a more just future, not just for the people of the Amazon, but for all people around the world born with oil beneath their feet. Eight years in the making OIL & WATER is a shocking and inspiring David and Goliath story.

"An important film--it puts a human face on the very real and severe consequences of our thirst for oil. Yet it also gives viewers hope in the way it shows how two young adults can make meaningful changes to the world around them."
Dr. Benjamin Sovacool, Director of Danish Center for Energy Technology, AU-Herning, Associate Professor of Law, Founding Director of the Energy Security and Justice Program, Vermont Law School, Author, Energy and Ethics: Justice and the Global Energy Challenge

"Oil and Water immerses the viewer in the at once captivating and complex experiences of society and oil in one of the world's most biodiverse places on the planet, the Ecuadorian Amazon. Unlike other analyses on the topic, this film does not demonize or simplify the oil industry or indigenous peoples. Rather, it brings the very human connections we all have to each other and to the planet, including with petroleum resources, to the forefront and presents hopeful global and local solutions to pathways beyond fossil fuels. Students, educators, policymakers, and industry experts will not only learn from this film, but will hopefully be inspired by it to create real change."
Dr. Pamela Martin, Professor of Politics, Director of Model United Nations Program, Coastal Carolina University, Author, Oil in the Soil: The Politics of Paying to Preserve the Amazon

"If one ever needed proof that the universe has a hand in shaping our life's path, it can be found in the documentary film Oil and Water...Riveting."

ALSO this weekend: **Sunday, May 3, 11:30 am ~ Barry Deitz will wrap up our Tribute to Earth Day series with a talk on "The Transcendentalists" and how they relate to the environmental movement. Arts and Activism Programs at Bernardston Unitarian Meetinghouse

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